Love on Marstrandsön

Below we have gathered all the information that we can think of for your planning of your wedding in Marstrand and a checklist. If we have missed something, please send us an email. Saying YES to each other and sharing love in the presence of friends and family is something very special. We know that it is one of the most important days of your life together and the beginning of a common future.

Marstrand is like a beautiful fairytale town where the mighty Carlsten Fortress watches over society. The car-free island provides the perfect setting for your wedding. The fact that Marstrandsön is associated with royal splendor and a popular wedding destination does not make the setting any worse. The island, the West Sea and the beautiful city are magical and enchanting.

Simply perfect when you are going to say YES to each other, all year round.

About Hotel Villa Maritime on Marstrandsön
With the best view of the harbour, only 35 minutes from Gothenburg is our hotel. Around us lies the small picturesque town and the Bohuslän archipelago. In this historic idyll, people meet all year round from near and far to enjoy, celebrate, say YES and experience Bohuslän.

Hotel Villa Maritime is located in the middle of the quay with the best location on Marstrand Island. We have 70 nice hotel studios in classic marine style, with one and two separate bedrooms. All hotel studios have a fully equipped kitchen with living room, most with a balcony overlooking the harbour, or a view of the mighty Carlsten Fortress. We have a heated outdoor pool when summer arrives, sauna and gym open all year round. We also have an excellent, newly renovated Restaurant Storm on the quayside with sea views and seating for up to 120 people indoors. When the weather is fine we open our wonderful INGLASED outdoor dining area.

If you are looking for a hotel just outside Gothenburg, a place where you can enjoy beautiful and stimulating environment as a setting for your wedding, you are warmly welcome to our beautiful island!

below Good to know you will find all the facts that are good to know about Hotel Villa Maritime.

On the plate and in the glasses

The menu & wedding dinner we tailor of course in consultation with you. Our wedding coordinator Lotta S has great experience and experience. They guide you all the way through the entire wedding planning, as well as to delicious food & drink. We can help arrange or connect you with most things. Church, hair, makeup, transportation, views and activities. Together we make sure your wedding is perfect.


Standard menu suggestions & packages Wedding 2022-2023

This is our standard package for weddings 2022-2023. Below you can see which add-ons you can choose. If you have your own wishes regarding table setting, food, drinks, this will be priced according to agreement with our wedding coordinator. The packages below are based on a minimum of 60 paying guests.

Basic package Marstrand wedding

  • A wedding coordinator who plans with you throughout the wedding.
  • Party venue until 03:00
  • Set with linen tablecloths including our standard table decorations
  • Bridal bowl (Sparkling) with refill
  • Cuts 2 for the wedding bowl included
  • Waiters
  • 3-course delicious wedding dinner, proposal:
  • (vegetarian & vegan options are offered of course)
  • Wine package 1 glass of wine/beer, & coffee
  • Music system for own playlist included
  • Wedding suite 1 night at Hotel Villa Maritime for the wedding couple
  • The package also includes all costs for staff, table setting & furnishings, cleaning and renting premises


    Please contact us for your own wishes and arrangements

    60-100 persons 1295 kr pp

    100-180 persons 1095 kr pp

Optional options:

  • Music system for own playlist included
  • Extended breakfast until 11.00 on day two (normally 09.30): 65 SEK/person
  • Sharing a double room at the hotel from 795 SEK/person, may vary depending on the season
  • Single room, 3 & 4 bed hotel studios with 2 separate bedrooms price on request
  • Luxury 4 course wedding dinner supplement 129:- pp
  • Wrapping at night (sausage & bread) 55 kr pp
  • Wedding cake contact Bergs Konditori for price & requests.
  • DJ ( recommended) in the evening from 6 000 kr
  • Mop from the church 2500 kr
  • We are happy for you to bring and place place cards for practical reasons
  • All prices include VAT

Table setting

Our vault can accommodate 100-180 people. We set the table with white linen tablecloths and napkins, envelopes and standard floral decorations. For practical reasons, we would like you to bring your own place cards. If you wish to provide your own table settings and flowers, you are responsible for the cost of these.

Bridal bowl & snacks

Champagne or sparkling wine is usually served with the bridal toast before dinner. The package above includes a bridal bowl of sparkling wine, for example Prossecco with refill. If Champagne is required, it is available on a price basis. There are a few different cuts for the bridal bowl, see above!

Optional options:

  • Fresh fruit, e.g. strawberries
  • Västerbotten pie with smoked salmon
  • Cheddar ball with fresh herbs
  • Air-dried ham with figs on crustini


Wedding dinner as suggested below is included in the package price.
You are very welcome to make your own suggestions for food & drink. Of course we offer vegetarian and vegan options. We will then provide a proposal and price for your wishes. You are welcome to taste your menu after booking (only for 2 persons).

Menu suggestions:

Seafood soup with roasted tomato, seafood, västerbotten cheese bar and dillaioli
Sooted calf carpaccio with pickled mushrooms
Parmesan crème and basiltapenade
Brioche with shellfish stir, whitefish roe, pickle salad and seaweed beads

main course:
Lobster minced Bergtungsfile with almond potato tomato, lobster sauce flavored with lime and fried dill
Herb grilled Kalventrecote with tarragon butter, potato cake, port wine sauce and raw asparagus and Parmesan
Butter fried Redtungsfile, Karl-Johans svampss risotto, Nebbiolosky, oven-baked plum tomatoes and basil oil
Corn chicken with Serrano ham, sage and cream-cooked artichoke , Parmesanslungad Amadine potatoes
Oven-baked cod back with deep-fried spring roll filled with vegetables and seafood, as well as a lobster-red wine sauce

Crème brule with apple sorbet and almond creutons
Pan cotta with white chocolate and vanilla marinated summer berries
Dark chocolate cream with sea salt, olive oil and bread chips and fresh raspberries


The wine included is our very good wine but you can upgrade this as desired. For the food you usually expect 1 glass for the starter and 2 glasses for the main course. There's about 4.5 glasses in a bottle. For dessert, you usually expect 4 cl. dessert wine.


Sinclair Estate Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
(Medium fruity taste of currants, cherries, plums, pepper and oak)

Reserve De La Condamine
(Youthful, berryy taste with hints of barrels, blueberries, raspberries, herbs and liquorice.)

Torre Del Falasco Valpolicella Rispasso
(Medium-bodied, taste of dark fruit, chocolate, almonds, barrels and herbs. Rich fruitiness, warm long persistent aftertaste.)

A common question we get is whether you can bring your own drinks. The answer to this question is no. This is because we have to comply with the law on serving licences.


The wedding cake comes from the famous Bergs Konditori on Marstrand Island.


Included in the package above


As night food we can offer a buffet with sausage, bread, ketchup and mustard at a price of 55 SEK /person or as desired for an additional charge.


We have a serving permit until 03.00. The premises are included in the package price.

Menu suggestions

Party menu

See above for suggestions

Allergists? In case of doubt, ask the staff for a declaration of contents.


Optional options:

  • Extended breakfast until 11.00 on day two (normally 09.30): 65 SEK/person
  • Sharing a double room at the hotel from Fr 795 SEK/person, may vary depending on the season
  • Single room, 3 & 4 bed hotel studios with 2 separate bedrooms price on request
  • Luxury 4 course wedding dinner 129:- pp
  • Wedding cake contact Bergs Konditori for price & requests.
  • Wrapping at night (sausage & bread) 55 kr pp
  • DJ ( recommended in the evening from 6 000 SEK
  • Music system for own playlist included
  • Table cards we are happy if you bring along for practical reasons
  • Pick you up in church with Flakmoppe 2500 kr
  • All prices include VAT

All prices include VAT.
Access to the rooms from 14:00 and check-out no later than 11:00 on the day of departure.
The hotel cannot guarantee early check-in for your guests.

Sauna, gym & pool
Your guests are welcome to use the hotel's facilities free of charge.


Included in the package price.

Torsby pastorate
Torsby 170
44273 Core 0303-206840

The fortress's own church,
+46 (0) 303-611 67

We can put you in touch with a number of wedding officiants, otherwise contact Kungälvs Kommun.


  • Bridge set incl. make-up. from price 3 750 kr
  • Bride set only, from price 2 750 SEK
  • Bridesmaid only, from price SEK 1,045
  • Setting up bridesmaids. from price 950 kr
  • Make-up. Bridesmaids. from price 645 SEK
  • White chair covers 50 SEK / pcs
  • Decoration fabric for ceiling, 3 lengths 1000 SEK
  • Pick you up in church with Flakmoppe 2500 kr



  • Red carpet on the bridge for the bride and groom
  • RIB-boat tour in the archipelago with lunch for stag & hen parties, or family & friends who want to experience the beautiful Bohuslän Archipelago
  • Guided tour of the fortress
  • Boat trip before/after the wedding for the bride and groom with the "Tram"
  • That you book dinner with us with the nearest family the day before the wedding. It's a great way to hang out before your wedding day.
  • That you book a hairdresser and make-up that comes to you at the hotel.
  • That you choose the place for the ceremony in good time. Why not at Marstrand Church, Carlsten Fortress, at a lookout point.
  • That you arrive by boat to the jetty outside the banquet hall.
  • Perhaps you book a single room and at the same time take the opportunity to open the wedding gifts.
  • Pick you up in church with Flakmoppe 2500 kr


The booking fee of SEK 30 000 is payable no later than 7 days after booking. The booking fee is part of the total amount of the event. 6 weeks before arrival the final payment of the pre-booked amount is due. The remaining amount is payable on departure.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to increase the cost of goods and services. All bookings are confirmed in writing.

Wedding bookings are always confirmed in writing for the sake of both parties.


In case of cancellation before the final payment has been made, the booking fee of SEK 30 000 will be due to VMS AB. Cancellations made at least 6 weeks before the arrival date will be charged the booking fee. Cancellations made at shorter notice 6 weeks before arrival will be charged 100 percent of the total value of the booking.

Single cancellations can be made without charge 14 days before arrival, after which 100 percent will be charged.


A good planning is A and Z for a successful wedding day.

18 months to go

  • Review the planning guide to get an overview.
  • Make a preliminary wedding budget.
  • Open a wedding account.
  • Determine the theme: civil or church wedding.
  • Review the desired wedding venue.
  • Determine approximate number of guests.
  • Find a room that can accommodate your guests.
  • Buy binders and folders where you can gather your ideas and thoughts regarding the wedding.
  • Set the date of the ceremony.
  • Preliminary book church, wedding starter, accommodation and party room.
  • Have a meeting with any wedding coordinator.

12 months to go

  • Appoint bridesmaid and marshal.
  • Appoint hosts and toastmasters, handing out tasks to them.
  • Set the wedding date and book a wedding venue.
  • Specify the guest list.
  • Book a photographer – be sure to review different options so that you get what suits you best.
  • Book the party room.
  • Book any wedding coordinator.
  • Book a wedding starter.
  • Seek inspiration for theme, clothes, jewelry, wedding rings and honeymoon.
  • Contact the people who will be involved in the wedding, such as best man, bridesmaid, bridesmaid, toastmaster, musician.

9 months left

  • Decide the theme of the party.
  • Plan the reception/dinner.
  • Book a hotel for the wedding night.
  • Book a hairdresser for the bride and groom. Any bridesmaid/marshal.
  • Book makeup artist.
  • Start looking at which wedding dress and accessories you want. the groom's clothes.
  • Book the music for both wedding and party.
  • Start sketching the invitation cards and other decoration.
  • Send out the invitations. No later than weeks before the wedding. Put osa. 1-2 months before the wedding.
  • Contact a florist to order the bridal bouquet and any floral decorations.
  • Decide where to spend your wedding night.

6 months left

  • Book the transport.
  • Buy or rent the wedding dress, buy underwear and shoes.
  • Buy or rent clothes for the groom.
  • Buy wedding rings.
  • Choose cake and pastry chef.
  • Select the menu and wines for the party.
  • Book your honeymoon.
  • Look out the bridesmaids' dresses if you stand for these.
  • Determine the color theme for printed matter, flowers, etc.
  • If you are going to make your own invitation cards, start purchasing this or buy ready-made.

3 months left

  • Write wish list, appoint a contact person to handle questions.
  • Any overnight stays for guests. This information can be written on a separate paper in the invitation.
  • Choose flowers for bridal bouquet, corsage and flower decorations.
  • Order forms from the Swedish Tax Agency. (Application and declaration of review and notification of a change of surname.)
  • Submit the obstacle test to the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • Talk to the band/DJ and leave requests.
  • Write a prenup if you wish.
  • Practice the wedding waltz.
  • Meet the wedding director and go through the ceremony.
  • Double-check that the passports are valid through the honeymoon.
  • Book transportation for guests if necessary.
  • If you want long beautiful nails, make an appointment for this.

2 months left

  • Book a consultation with the hairdresser and makeup artist.
  • Make your table placement – tips on this is to draw up as you wish to set the tables during dinner and use small post it patches with names on them, in order to easily move around and change. This will change due to illness and cancellation.
  • Try the menu.
  • Meet the photographer and determine details. Don't be afraid to have your own ideas.
  • Write the driving schedule for the day. Go through with toastmaster, bridesmaid, marshal, and host pairs.
  • Press up/print wedding programs.
  • Press up/print party programs.
  • Order wedding cake.
  • Decide who will help with the cleaning the next day in the room.

1 month left

  • Start walking in your shoes, walk a little bit every day so you don't get shoe chafing on the big day.
  • Hand in the engagement rings for trimming.
  • Remind guests of speeches.
  • Do the last facial.
  • Double-check all bookings to make sure it's correct.
  • Have a final tasting of the wedding dress and make sure the groom's clothes are in order.
  • Check with catering, party organizer or kitchen for final number of guests.
  • Get the wedding rings out.
  • Buy table decorations.
  • Buy a morning gift.
  • Buy a gift for those who have helpers as marshals and bridesmaids.
  • Buy a guest book.
  • Write packing list for your honeymoon, arrange the practicalities such as currency, travel vouchers and the like.
  • Make up large sketches of the table seating and set up in the party room – so that guests easily know where to sit.
  • Contact the local newspaper for an ad.
  • Write a list of things that need to be done the day before the wedding.

1-2 weeks left

  • Review the driving schedule with everyone involved.
  • Rehearsal with the marriage eter/priest. Give him an approved obstacle test. Write your own vows.
  • Confirm the final number of guests to the venue.
  • Notify the restaurant of any allergy sufferers
  • Prepare an emergency bag with scissors, patches and other things you might need.
  • Pick up the wedding rings you submitted for trimming.
  • Pack for your wedding night and honeymoon.
  • Double-check when the room will be evacuated the next day.

The day before the wedding

  • If you need help with the dressing, hand in the wedding dress with the accessories for the hairdresser.
  • Decorate the church and the room.
  • Check with the people who are going to pick up cake and flowers.
  • Pick your eyebrows if necessary.
  • Relax through a bath or a quiet evening with friends.
  • Go to bed well in advance!

The Big Day

  • Eat a proper breakfast, remember to drink plenty of water during the day.
  • Go to the hairdresser.
  • Don't forget the rings.
  • Say yes.
  • Enjoy your day and have fun!

Below we have tried to compile a little more useful about wedding and wedding planning

Since 1 May 2009, marriage has been gender neutral. Previously, same-sex couples could only register partnerships. Marriages in Sweden are not valid without two witnesses who are over 18 years of age. According to Swedish law, the person who is consecring must have the right to marry. If you belong to any religious community that does not have a marriage license, you must also marry in a civil society in order for the marriage to apply legally.

Obstacle testing
The obstacle test is done to show that there are no obstacles for a couple to get married. (For example, that someone is bound in another marriage, or that there is too close kinship between the contracting parties.) In the past, the churches had the same purpose, but nowadays they turn to the tax authority's population registration department. A form assures that there is no impediment to marriage. The tax authority checks in its register and then issues a certificate. This is left by the couple concerned to the marriage eter. The obstacle test may be issued no more than four months before the ceremony. The marriage affidavit fills in the certificate after the ceremony and then sends it to the Swedish Tax Agency. After that, the ceremony is registered in the population register.
The law states that both parties must be over 18 years of age, unless you have received a special permit from the County Administrative Board.
Obstacle testing in the Nordic countries also applies to Swedish marriage 1888s. Abroad, obstacle testing can be carried out at the Swedish Embassy or at the Swedish Consulate.
Foreign nationals who intend to be married in Sweden must have their obstacle test done in their home country according to the country's law, otherwise the ceremony there risks being considered invalid. The embassy in Sweden of the home country should be able to provide information on how to proceed. However, the foreign national who has lived in Sweden for at least two years can be tested in Sweden. The population register offices can provide more detailed information.

You can still have the information about your impending marriage announced in the Church, but not as before three times without one, but in the congregations of both parties. Anyone who wants to can still arrange a listening reception. Handy if you don't want a gift opening on your wedding day.

Wedding planning

Think carefully about how you want your wedding to be and what the conditions are. A big one with lots of guests, a smaller one with just family and close friends. It's important to make the decision yourself before the outside world starts to "weigh in".

A traditional wedding with relatives and many guests – with food and speeches – is what you often see in front of you when weddings come up. But you don't have to feel bound by it. Friends in the first place and a fun party can be a variation while for others it is enough to have your very own ceremony, alone or in the circle of the very closest.

It doesn't take a lot of company to carry out a church ceremony. Two witnesses are enough, and it could be the organist and the church janitor if you like. An option if you do not feel at home in the religious wedding rituals, is a civil wedding. It can also be an option when coming from different religions or cultures. Otherwise, with a background in different regions, one can of course choose to be married in the manner of both contracting parties.

To consider before the wedding invitation:

Save the date; ask all guests to reserve your wedding day in their calendars already when you have booked the wedding date. You can inform them that a more formal invitation will come at a later stage.
Do you want to bring children or not? If you want the little ones to stay at home, no one should raise their eyebrows about it. Just be clear from the start that you want an adult-only party.
Keep in mind that if you charge an envelope fee for the wedding party, you should not at the same time wish your wedding gifts from your guests.
In the formal wedding invitation you should include information such as time, date, place, what you will offer, attire, last response date, bride and groom's name and contact details for the hosts.


Who's paying for the wedding? In the past, it was considered that the bride's parents would be responsible for the party (after all, they got one person less to support in the household).

Today, this is no longer a rule. You can share – perhaps between the bride and groom and the best-off parents, or between all three parties. If the bride and groom are in the best financial position, it may feel natural that they themselves are responsible for the costs.
Make a simple calculation of the costs to see where you end up.

These are factors you should include:

  • Rings
  • Invitation card and thank you card – purchase of finished or with your own print. postage.
  • Any printed program for the ceremony.
  • Solo singing/music in the church if you choose it.
  • the cost of being married elsewhere (where neither party is registered);
  • The bride's equipment, bought or rented, dress, shoes, veil, possibly rent of crown, bridal bouquet.
  • Hairdresser and makeup.
  • Groom's equipment – coat, shirt, bow, shoes.
  • photography
  • Transport from church to party venue, perhaps by specially hired vehicle.
  • The party itself: Food, drink, party venue, possible music and possibly transport.
  • Maybe wedding suite for the bride and groom?


The bride and groom may be wearing a frock and long dress, but for that reason guests don't have to be as solemnly dressed. What applies is stated on the invitation card.

The groom's attire can vary, ranging from a short wedding dress or perhaps a costume for her, and a suit or jacket for the groom. That outfit is recommended at a morning wedding. However, nothing prevents you from choosing other, perhaps simpler clothes, but then the guests should also be aware of it and have the same opportunity.

Long dress and frack for the bride and groom are still the most common at church weddings. The bride can wear a veil, attached to the crown or a flower arrangement in her hair. If the bride chooses to wear gloves, the left ring finger of the glove should be split up so that the ring can be threaded on the finger.

The groom wears a frack shirt, white vest and white bow tie (bow tie) for his mundering. Military uniform is also a festive costume and nowadays the groom can also wear a tuxedo, something that was previously completely unthinkable. The groom is happy to wear another bridal bouquet matching flower on the stroke or in the buttonhole.

Guests' attire
Guests' attire is listed on the invitation card. If it says nothing at all, it is to decipher as festive attire, i.e. frack. However, since you usually print the upholstery, you have to allow yourself to check if it is frack that is meant when nothing is specified.

actually means costume. It can be dark with black socks and shoes, but in summer also light. Nowadays you can also wear a stylish combination with a jacket and odd pants, shirt and tie.

Women's attire, if it says jacket on the invitation, can be dress, suit with skirt or trousers, all of just the right festive cut and material.

It can also say "jacket or suit" on the invitation card and then you can wear more elegant clothes if you want, even a long evening dress is fine.


Traditionally not a wedding garment, but nowadays it is common to put "tuxedo" in the invitation and then it is the tuxedo that applies. Tuxedos come in many colours, but in this context it is expected to be black or blue with black shoes and socks.

The ladies' "tuxedo" is evening dress, long or short, according to the label the former if it is dancing but short if it is dinner without dancing.

If it says so on the invitation card, this is what applies to the gentlemen. White frack shirt, white vest and white bow /bow tie (not black, which is professional attire in the restaurant industry). Black shoes and socks.

The corresponding festive attire for women is a long evening dress. If you have a shoulderless dress or one that is without sleeves, you can wear long gloves. In a festive dress you are welcome to glitter and be ornate – in your hair, around your arms and neck.

If the invitation also says holiday costume or frack, it is also allowed to wear folk costume, both for men and women. The same goes for uniform.

Is a less common outfit for guests at a wedding, at least in Sweden, but if it occurs, it means a coat with rounded brittle at the front. It can be black or grey to grey/black striped pants. White shirt, black or grey tie or frack shirt with scarf belongs. High, gray hat completes the outfit.

For women, elegant and sober attire applies in the form of a suit or cocktail dress. Hats and gloves are common accessories.

Female guests traditionally do not dress in white at weddings (so as not to compete with the bride) nor do they dress in the color of grief, black. However, there is nothing to prevent the colors from being combined in patterns.

Courtship attire
Bridesmaids and groomsmen wear clothes according to the same holiday as the bride and groom. The bride can have several bridesmaids and the groom several groomsmen, but the most common today is a bridesmaid and a marshal. Bridesmaids, children who participate in the bridal entourage and go before the bride and groom into the church, are well dressed and preferably in similar outfits.

Placement in the church

Traditionally, the bride's relatives take their place to the left of the aisle of the church while the groom sits on the right side. The benches at the front are usually reserved for the closest relatives. But – if one party has little family or few who have the opportunity to participate, one tries, perhaps with the help of the church host, to distribute the guests evenly on both sides.

If one of the bride and groom's parents is divorced, they should still be placed in the church as if they were still married and then on the front benches. It is as parents that they are there. If there are new life partners, you can reason how you want to arrange the continued placement based on it.


As soon as the entrance music begins to play, the priest walks up to the altar and then the bridal procession begins - the groom on the right and the bride on the left (the opposite of the custom - but after the ceremony, when the bride and groom have turned for the exit, the position becomes the "correct" one).

The bride and groom's courtship may consist of groomsmen, bridesmaids and bridesmaids.

If there are more marshals and bridesmaids in the bridal party, they enter the church after the bride and groom, with the marshals on the right behind the groom and the bridesmaids on the left behind the bride. If you have a marshal - or, as they say nowadays, a "best man" - he can wait at the front of the altar. The bridesmaids can either walk behind the bride and groom, or if there is a bridesmaid, be at the ready for their task in the first pew on the left side of the aisle. Alternatively, the marshal and the bridesmaid can wait for the bride and groom on either side of the altar.

Sometimes the Anglican custom is also used where the father of the bride "gives away" his daughter. The groom waits at the altar, while the bridesmaids and marshals follow the bride and her father to the altar where the bride is handed over to her future husband. The father then takes his place in the front left pew.

The Marriage Act

After entrance music and hymn singing, the priest's opening words and an explanation of the divine purpose of marriage follow.

After that, the priest or one of the bride and groom's friends reads a Bible text. The congregation then rises to witness the bride and groom's vows to each other.

If the groom's "best man" has been responsible for the ring(s), he now hands them to the groom, who in turn hands them to the priest. The priest turns to the altar and says a prayer.

Now the bride hands over her bouquet to the bridesmaid or bridesmaid or someone who emerges from the front benches. The bride and groom hold the ring/rings together while they make their vows in turn by repeating the priest's words.

The congregation sits down while the bride and groom remain facing the altar. It is the occasion of any music or solo singing and then an intercession, performed by the priest or any friend of the bride and groom. During intercession, the bride and groom kneel at the altar and remain on their knees also during prayer and blessing. When they get up, the bride gets her bouquet back from courtship.

A marriage speech and a hymn usually end the act as the priest also usually hands over the marriage certificate.

Solo vocals

If you have solo singing or music, one of the occasions is just before the exodus (the former are before the first hymn, after the priest announced the marriage and after the last hymn). If the solo is performed at the end, the newlyweds can turn on each other and then expect completely against the congregation.


When the starting march is played, the bride and groom train out with the bride and groom in the lead. The bride now walks on the groom's right side. Out on the church steps, the bride and groom then wait in their guests to receive congratulations and well wishes, before heading on to celebrate the event.

Civil marriage

The most common place for civil marriage is The Town Hall or City Hall. At a civil wedding, you were married by a wedding planner. The County Administrative Board can provide more information on how to proceed.

Wedding party

It's always nice to appoint a host or "toastmaster", as we like to say today. The word translates as "master of toasts" and that's exactly what he's supposed to do - make sure that all the opportunities for a toast are presented, from telegrams to registered speakers. Anyone wishing to make a speech during the dinner registers with the toastmaster, who draws up a list of the speakers and their relationship to the bride and groom. It's important to make sure the speeches are given at the right time - not exactly in a heat-sensitive main course or during an ice-cream dessert with a digestive risk. A tip: print the toastmaster's name and phone number right on the invitation so guests know where to register their speech.

If you are many guests, it makes it easier with a placement sketch that is set up adjacent to the dining room.

The bride and groom have each other to the table, the one to the right of the groom. Next to the bride's father sits and next to him the groom's mother. If the wedding director is at dinner and you are, he then sits next to the groom's mother.

In reverse order, it will be on the other side, next to the groom, the bride's mother and she has the groom's father to the table. If the wedding director is a woman, her position comes next.

Engaged and newly in love are not usually distinguished when seating, while doing so with married and cohabiting couples. The bridesmaids and groomsmen of the wedding usually have each other to the table.


The person who is expected to give a speech is the bride's father. He welcomes me and brings out a welcome bowl. If it is the bride and groom themselves who are responsible for the party, the bride's father can welcome the bride's father then returns to give a speech to the bride and groom and then he speaks first to the daughter, but also welcomes his new son-in-law. Well-wisher and a living.

The groom's father is expected to speak next. Speaks to the bride and groom and wishes well.

Who will give the acceptance speech for the food depends on the circumstances. If it is the bride and groom themselves who are the hosts, thank the bride's father, who has had the hostess/bride at the table. If it is the bride's parents who are the hosts, it is the groom's father who is responsible for the acceptance speech.

Speech order is then that family and close friends take precedence over more distant relatives. It is also customary for the Marshal to give the "Speech to the Woman" and for the bridesmaids to be spoken for by someone who gives the "Speech to the Man".

One variation of the speech is to perform a specially written lyric for the evening individually or in unison with the other guests. A good solution if you feel insecure, but still want to say a few words of hearts.

We hope to have the pleasure of helping to organise perhaps the most important day of your life!