Some things you can only do at a certain time of year – that's what makes them so Exclusive. What a success last year!!! Be out in good time for this year's lobster fishing.

Lobster fishing always starts the first Monday after September 20 and runs until December 31 (2023 starts on September 25). Lobster fishing at Hotel Villa Maritime belongs to the fall, we are proudly one of the largest operators with real fishing boats in this part of Bohuslän. We go out and scent the lobster traps and in the meantime get to know the skipper's knowledge of the secrets of lobster fishing.

The waters around Marstrand are renowned for their fine lobster fishing and it's no coincidence that the sharpest lobstermen live here. You get to experience both the beautiful archipelago environment and the lobster fishery up close, and you don't have to be an avid fisherman to be fascinated by the "black gold of the sea". You will have to pull the lobster pots from the bottom, clean the cages (hopefully with lobsters in them) and last but not least, bait the cages back to their proper place.

This year we also have our new lobster aquarium on the jetty with the possibility to choose and cook your own lobster directly after the tour.

Our lobster fishing packages include lobster fishing, accommodation in our fine hotel studios, lunch, afternoon coffee and 4-course lobster soup or seafood platter with 1/2 fresh lobster and buffet breakfast the next morning.

The proximity to Landvetter & Gothenburg makes Marstrand the perfect starting point for Lobster fishing in Bohuslän. Enjoy the evening with a delicious lobster dinner and excellent accommodation at the quayside on Marstrandsön. It doesn't get any better!

Prices & times for lobster fishing

08.30 First tour / every day
09.00 Second tour / every day
11.30 Third Tour / every day
12.30 Fourth tour / every day
14.00 Fifth tour / every day
14.30 Sixth tour / every day

Our lobster fishing packages & prices


Our lobster fishing packages include lobster fishing, accommodation in fine hotel studios, delicious lunch, afternoon coffee and lobster soup or *seafood platter with 1/2 fresh lobster. (*Note that you can exchange the Lobster soup for a seafood platter if the whole party chooses to change), accommodation in a double room and a lovely breakfast buffet.
Price 2 595 kr/person


If you are coming from far away, we recommend that you arrive the night before the lobster fishing. We have an excellent package at Hotel Villa Maritime on Marstrand Island with overnight stay in nice hotel studios and delicious 3-course dinner and an excellent breakfast the next morning (we recommend the 8.30 am tour the next day for those who arrive the night before).
1 495 kr/person

Do you just want to come to Marstrand to fish lobster (Lobster fishing)
895 SEK/person

This is included in Lobster Fishing

Lobster fishing package on Marstrand Island:

  • Lobster fishing with the nicest & best fishermen on the coast
  • Accommodation in nice double rooms/hotel studios (including breakfast)
  • Delicious lunch and afternoon coffee
  • Lobster soup or seafood platter (including 1/2 fresh lobster in the soup and seafood platter)
  • Nice breakfast buffet day two
  • Price 2595 per person

Came the night before the package:

  • Accommodation double room/hotel studio
  • Delicious 3-course dinner in the evening
  • Buffet breakfast before the lobster fishing
  • Price 1495 per person

Time spent on the lobster fishing trip itself:

  • about 2-3 hours


  • Cook Lobster on the Jetty!: 495:- /pp incl. VAT (NOTE!! Applies only to groups minimum 6 people, price is incl. 1/2 lobster)

What is included in

lobster fishing trip:

  • Complete fishing equipment
  • Life jackets or warm coveralls
  • Drinks (coffee/tea + refreshments on board)
  • Thorough safety briefing before departure.
  • Exciting and informative stories about lobster, lobster fishing and Marstrand
  • Insurance: You are also insured through our Personal Liability Insurance (Atlantica) during the Fishing Tour.


Here you can easily book the package with us. Your booking will be processed immediately and a confirmation will be sent to the specified email. Welcome to Hotel Villa Maritime!