Wedding menu proposals



Seafood soup with roasted tomato, seafood, västerbotten cheese bar and dillaioli


Sooted calf carpaccio with pickled mushrooms


Parmesan crème and basiltapenade


Brioche with shellfish stir, whitefish roe, pickle salad and seaweed beads

Included in wedding menu

main course:

Lobster minced Bergtungsfile with almond potato tomato, lobster sauce flavored with lime and fried dill


Herb grilled Kalventrecote with tarragon butter, potato cake, port wine sauce and raw asparagus and Parmesan


Butter fried Redtungsfile, Karl-Johans svampss risotto, Nebbiolosky, oven-baked plum tomatoes and basil oil


Corn chicken with Serrano ham, sage and cream-cooked artichoke , Parmesanslungad Amadine potatoes


Oven-baked cod back with deep-fried spring roll filled with vegetables and seafood, as well as a lobster-red wine sauce

Included in wedding menu


Crème brule with apple sorbet and almond creutons


Pan cotta with white chocolate and vanilla marinated summer berries


Dark chocolate cream with sea salt, olive oil and bread chips and fresh raspberries

Included in wedding menu

When tasting, choose 2 starters, main courses & desserts!