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Vänernlöjrom Toast
Vendace Roe Toast from Vänern Lake in Sweden
On butter fried toast, crème fraiche, red onion, chives and lemon.

235 SEK

main course

Calf's back Hung
With chanterelle sauce, fried potatoes, green asparagus and Parmesan-lung arugula salad.

275 SEK

Hamneskärs (Pater Noster) seafood soup
Creamy Fish and shellfish soup
On "homemade" lobster stock, grated Grana Padano cheese, parsley fritters, served with seafood of the day, freshly baked bread.


Shrimp sandwich "Storm" Delux 180g shrimp 
Hand-peeled prawns, eggs, mayonnaise, roman salad, cucumber, tomato and grated horseradish are served on Danish rye bread from Bergs patisserie

245 SEK

Fish & Chips 'homemade' own secret recipe  
Deep-fried haddock is served with french fries, remoulad sauce, pea puree and lemon.

195 SEK

Hamburger "Storm" 
Angus bugs with cheese and bacon, served with tomato, red onion, lettuce, dressing, pickles, truffle mayonnaise, onion rings, bread and fries.

225 SEK


Créme brûlée
With raspberry sorbet and halon


Coffee with sweet accessories
With raspberry sorbet and halon

55 KR

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