Hotel Villa Maritime's Easter prices April 6 - 10

Length of the package: optional
Possible arrival dates: optional

Marstrand has the perfect setting for a successful Easter weekend. The town comes alive with a bustling crowd. In our fantastic restaurant enjoy the sea view and a delicious Easter menu is served in the evening.

Check into one of our lovely hotel studios and take a refreshing walk around the island, check out the art walk on the island April 1 - 16.

Our Easter plate is available as an extra on the menu for lunch all week Monday-Sunday.


Easter offer ALL of April

LOGI: 1460KR for 2 persons in a double room/night
LOGI: 1926 KR for 4 people in a 2-bedroom/night room.

Sofa bed can be added in both room types for 500 SEK/night.


All this is included in the Easter package!

Check-in possible on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

You arrive for brunch/lunch and check in to your room (check-in starts at 12.00).

Take the opportunity to go for a lovely Easter walk before dinner or say hello to us in the bar before dinner.

The day then ends with dinner and coffee in our beautiful restaurant.

Easter Sunday menu by Thomas Norman!

The kitchen closes at 1500

Main dishes


Easter plate 185 SEK
Skagen salad, cold smoked salmon, herring, eggs and aged cheese
Drink suggestion: Albert Mann Senteurs des vignes Alsace 2019 145 kr.


Shrimp sandwich Storm Delux 110g prawns                                                               245 kr
Hand-shelled prawns Eggs Mayonnaise Cucumber Tomato Grated horseradish
Drink suggestion: Picpoul de Pinet France 2021 145 kr.


Wine-cooked salmon 295 kr
Hollandaise, white asparagus, new potatoes
Drink suggestion: Moselriesling Knebel 2019 145 kr.


Fattened veal entrecote 295 kr
Grilled herbs with spring peppers, tarragon sauce and potato gratin.
Drink suggestion: Callia Malbec & Malbec Argentina 2018 145 kr.



Egg cheese 125 kr
Blackberry compote and whipped cream
Drink suggestion:Moscatel du Setubal Spain 15 kr/cl

Creme Brulee 125 kr
Drinking suggestion: Moscatel du Setubal Spain 15 kr/cl

Book the Easter package

Here you can easily book the Easter package with us. Your booking is processed immediately and a confirmation will be sent to the specified e-mail. Welcome to us at Hotel Villa Maritime!