Some things you can only do at a certain time of year – that's what makes them so exclusive. What a success last year!!! Be out in good time for this year's conference & lobster fishing starting September 25, 2023.

The lobster fishing always starts the first Monday after September 20 and runs until December 31. This year the lobster fishing starts on September 25, 2023. Lobster fishing at Hotel Villa Maritime belongs to the fall, we are proudly one of the largest operators with real fishing boats in this part of Bohuslän. We go out and smell the lobster pots and in the meantime get to know the skipper's knowledge about life as a lobster, the secrets of lobster fishing and Marstrand's history.

The waters around Marstrand are renowned for their fine lobster fishing and it's no coincidence that the sharpest lobstermen live here. You get to experience both the beautiful archipelago environment and the lobster fishery up close, and you don't have to be an avid fisherman to be fascinated by the "black gold of the sea". You will have to pull the lobster pots from the bottom, clean the cages (hopefully with lobsters in them) and last but not least, bait the cages back to their proper place.
Our conference & lobster fishing package includes lobster fishing, conference room, accommodation in our nice hotel studios, lunch, afternoon coffee and lobster soup or seafood platter with 1/2 fresh lobster in both choices and a nice breakfast buffet the next morning.

The proximity to Landvetter & Gothenburg (about 45 minutes) makes Marstrand the perfect starting point for lobster fishing in Bohuslän. Enjoy the evening with a delicious lobster dinner in our own restaurant as well as excellent accommodation at the quayside on Marstrand Island. It doesn't get any better than this!


Our Lobster Fishing packages include lobster fishing, fully equipped state-of-the-art conference facilities, accommodation in our fine hotel studios, delicious lunch, afternoon coffee and lobster soup with 1/2 fresh lobster. (Note that you can exchange the Lobster Soupe for a seafood platter if the whole party chooses to change), accommodation in a double room and a lovely buffet breakfast.

Lobster fishing trips

08.30 First tour / every day
09.00 Second tour / every day
11.30 Third Tour / every day
12.30 Fourth tour / every day
14.00 Fifth tour / every day
14.30 Sixth tour / every day

No two meetings are the same and we are happy to tailor your visits/conferences to your needs. Welcome to Marstrand - the pearl of the west coast. 35-45 min from central Gothenburg, 45 min from Landvetter!

This includes:

Conference & Lobster Fishing

Below is a programme proposal, we will of course adapt the programme to your wishes
Day one:

Arrival at Marstrand

Accommodation in nice double rooms/hotel studios (including breakfast)

Free parking on Koön

Koön- Marstrandsön ferry included (takes two minutes)

Collection of the bridge for information and distribution of warm full suits (take with your own hats and mittens)

We pull lobster tins and during the tour we enjoy a light coffee with hot drink on an island or in the boat

You will weed lobster pots, learn about the exciting life of the lobster, lobster fishing in Bohuslän and Marstrand

Delicious lunch after lobster fishing

Half day with conference room incl. f.m. or e.m. coffee with all equipment, internet, projector, fm and a coffee, sweets, fruit and water

Lobster soup with 1/2 fresh lobster in our own restaurant (can be exchanged for a seafood buffet with 1/2 lobster)

Entrance to sauna and gym, billiards & table tennis

The night is young and the bar is open...until 02.30 at the latest

Price based on accommodation in double room, supplement single room.

Day two:



offer & options

Offer: Come the night before Lobster fishing and conference 1495 per person

OBS! If you are coming from a long distance or cannot be in Marstrand in the morning due to the journey here, it is fine to start with Lobster Fishing on em or we recommend that you come the evening before lobster fishing and conference then you get the most out of the day.

We have an excellent "come the night before package" at Hotel Villa Maritime on Marstrand Island with accommodation and 3-course dinner, gym & sauna and a delicious breakfast before the lobster fishing the next day for 1 495 SEK/person/double room.

Optional extras for Conference & Lobster Fishing

Accommodation in single rooms: + SEK 395/person

Half day conference day 2 incl. f.m coffee & lunch & conference room with all equipment: + 445 kr/person

Full day conference day 2 incl. f.m/e.m coffee & lunch & conference room with all equipment: + 595 kr/person

Boil Lobster at Bryggan: 495 SEK/person (NOTE! Valid for groups only, price includes 1/2 lobster, fresh bread and ajoli)

RIB boat Gothenburg to Marstrand: + 7 500 SEK/boat (max 12 persons per RIB boat. We have many boats and maximum capacity is about 100 people)

Bus back to/from Gothenburg: + 2,690 SEK per bus one way

Wine package for dinner: + 395 SEK/person (pre-drink, 3 glasses of wine/beer, avec & coffee)

All prices excluding VAT

For more conference activities see activities.

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