Taube evening with Martin Nyström at Villa Maritime on 20 November 2021

Welcome to a unique evening at Restaurant Storm with Martin Nyström, author of the book "The Art of Seeing Far - New Perspectives on Evert Taube". This evening there will be played and sung a variety of Evert Taube's songs and will be told about the specific importance of Marstrand for Taube and the spirit of Taube's world.

We serve a lovely 4-course menu inspired by Jesper Taube, grandson of Evert, and of course there is a nice wine package with specially selected wines.

Tonight's Menu:

  • Chevregratinated Mussels
  • Taube's classic fish soup Monsoon
  • Pampas Steak Samboronbon
  • Sven-Bertil's apple cake

Come early to Marstrand and enjoy a walk around the island or stay overnight and experience the Taubes Marstrand that Martin told us about.

Taube package with 4-course dinner, entertainment and sharing a double room can be found HERE (link to website)

Price for Taubekväll including 4-course dinner and entertainment by Martin Nyström 995 kr

  • Drinks package (4 glasses) 550 kr
  • Accommodation 995 SEK per double room incl. breakfast
  • Accommodation 795 SEK per single room incl. breakfast


For booking info@villa-maritime.se section 0303-61025
OBS! Limited number of seats this evening! First come first served...

About Martin

Marin Nyström lives on Kössö in Gothenburg's southern archipelago and has been a music critic at Dagens nyheter for 30 years. but with a lifelong love of Evert Taube, his music and poetry. Heis also a boxer, troubadour and historian. Martin tells us:

In the summer of 1922, Taube sails along the Swedish coast - from Stockholm Stream to northern Bohuslän, resulting in the prose book "På kryss med Ellinor", and arrives in Marstrand in August                                   

" It was a party that went on for a week over the scheduled time and during that week I don't think we at "Ellinor" ever lay between the sheets. When we were in danger of falling asleep on our feet, we undressed, jumped into the lake and rested "on salt water".

A warm welcome to this evening in the footsteps of Evert Taube!