Norwegian Skreimeny

Lake Vänern Löjrom 145 kr

Creme fraiche, red onion, lemon on buttered toast 

Wine suggestions:

Le Nez Moments Viognier Languedoc, France | 89/ 415 kr

145 kr

main course

Butter fried Skreirygg 295 kr
with red wine sauce, bacon and a potato puree flavoured with Västerbotten

Wine suggestions:

Horseshoe & Handgranate Oregon Special Cuvee Brut, USA 90/415 

295 SEK


Créme brûlée 85 kr
With raspberry sorbet


Whole Skreimenyn 495 kr

Children's menu ask the staff.
Allergists? In case of doubt, ask the staff for a declaration of contents.

During the winter the following is also served:
A la carte menu