This seal is only available at facilities selected by Svenska Möten.
Swedish Meetings are experts in meetings and help companies and organizations develop by harnessing the power of the personal meeting.

The fact that Hotell Villa Maritime on Marstrandsön is selected by Svenska Möten means a guarantee for you as a customer that we meet high quality requirements and are certified according to Svenska Möten's classification system.

Hotell Villa Maritime owns Svenska Möten together with about 130 other selected meeting facilities around Sweden. Like all other facilities, we are Nordic Ecolabel members of the Swan Network.

Swedish Meetings – selected conference facilities

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A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hotel and accommodation business meets ambitious environmental requirements and has taken a holistic approach to its environmental work linked to energy, water, food, waste, biodiversity, chemicals and procurement. The business has an active and structured approach to reducing its consumption and optimizing its operations.

The criteria for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel hotel and accommodation business include:

  • Limits energy use and CO2 emissions.
  • Does not use fossil oil or gas for heating.
  • Implement energy and CO2 reduction measures to limit climate impact.
  • Limits water consumption.
  • Implement water mitigation measures.
  • Efficiently separating at source to meet the limit value for residual waste, and ensuring the possibility of recycling and resource recovery.
  • Working actively on the prevention of food waste.
  • Do not use disposable items in daily serving.
  • Uses only disposable items that meet strict environmental requirements for take away and catering.
  • Serves food with a focus on the environment and sustainability. For example, they offer vegetarian food, use locally produced ingredients and avoid endangered fish and shellfish species. They do not use palm oil in their frying oil.
  • Serves a high proportion of organic food and drink.
  • Ensure that the natural diversity of the hotels' outdoor area is enhanced.
  • Uses eco-labeled products for daily cleaning, dishwashing and laundry to limit unwanted chemicals.
  • Uses a variety of eco-labeled products and services.
  • Train staff so that everyone is involved in environmental work.